Bike security

A parent contacted the Parent Council through our Facebook page to raise the issue of bikes being stolen from the school’s bike shed.  Following a meeting with Mr Wilson, the school have shared this advice:

Unfortunately there is an ongoing issue with bicycle thefts in North Edinburgh and beyond. Around the UK approximately half a million bikes are stolen every year.

 In our school we provide a secure bike shed for use by students. It is kept locked through most of the school day. Although the incidence of theft from this facility is low, it is still upsetting for those who are victims when it happens.

 If your child stores their bicycle in the school bike shed please ensure that it is well protected. The minimum security advised is the use of a D lock. Further advice is available in the article below. Stay safe.

2 responses to “Bike security”

  1. phantasm4 says :

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My son had his bike stolen. And the janitor did nothing about it. He claimed CCTV would help. but helped no more. My sons bike had a proper D-Lock and his bike was locked in the bike sheds. Why was Broughton unable to do ANYTHING about this. He had only had the bike a few months. I realise only around 7% of bikes are recovered and less than 3% are ever returned to the owners, but the school really needs to do more about this. Is it too difficult to have CCTV cameras trained upon the bike shed? A D-Lock is adequate security especially for a bike in the bike shed within school grounds. I feel you are letting parents and pupils alike down by doing as little as possible about this. And I felt the janitors attitude was blase to say the least.

    Kind regards Mr R McMillan (Father of Ben McMillan) ________________________________

    • Broughton High School, Edinburgh, Parent Council says :

      Dear Mr McMillan,

      Apologies for the late response to your comment, I have only just seen it. I am really sorry to hear about Ben’s bike.

      The PC raised the issue of bike thefts from the locker with the school towards the end of last term, prompting them to share the message which we passed on. and it is an issue which will probably be discussed at tomorrow’s Parent Council meeting if you are able to attend?

      I know the shed is locked once the school day has started, but there has to be a period where it is left open. It does seem that the CCTV is not brilliant. The PC have suggested asking the school’s police liaison officer to make his presence felt around the shed in the morning.

      If you can attend the meeting tomorrow (from 6pm in the school staff room), that would be great. I will pass your message on to the rest of the committee so they are aware of it in any case.

      Kind regards, and apologies again for the delay in getting back to you.

      Jane Norie
      PC Treasurer

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