Proposed cuts to school budget

If you have a free ten minutes today, you might like to e-mail the Convener and Vice Convener of City of Edinburgh Council’s Education committee, who will be discussing a proposed 1% cut to the Devolved School Management budget tomorrow, Friday 14th February.

In practice, a cut of just 1% will reduce our school’s budget for resources per pupil to around £35 per year -less than some people would pay for a phone contract each month!  References have also made re. reducing funding for instrumental music tuition (potentially making it unavailable to pupils whose families cannot pay) and to reducing nursery teachers in early years education.

The parent council feel that it is unreasonable, after years of cuts, to further reduce the school’s resources.  If you agree, please let your elected representatives know.

CEC Education convener: Ian Perry

CEC Education vice-convener: Alison Dickie

Your can easily find your local councillors’ contact details through:  Input your postcode to get a link to directly contact them all.



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