Parent Council meeting, Thursday 1st October 6.30pm

At our AGM on September 15th, we said goodbye to Gary Bak, who stood down as Chair after some eventful years in the post. We thank him for his dedicated work in the role. We are delighted to welcome Lindsay Law as our new Chair. Rozi Thomson and Sean MacBride-Stewart are our new Vice Chairs. Aletta Ritchie and Jane Norie remain in post as Clerk and Treasurer respectively.

Our first regular meeting of the term is on Thursday, 1st October at 6.30pm, online using Zoom.

All parents and carers of young people at Broughton High are welcome to attend. We would love to see you there – everyone on the Parent Council brings something different and unique and we always welcome new voices who share our passion for the school, our young people, and the community that we are at the heart of.

To request an invitation to the meeting, e-mail Aletta at: .

3 responses to “Parent Council meeting, Thursday 1st October 6.30pm”

  1. phantasm4 says :

    Broughton is useless for updating parents about child’s progress. I never receive any news or updates from them regarding my children’s schooling. A useless terrible uninformative school. Such a contrast from their primary who were happy to communicate about my kids. Broughtons teachers are all useless at communicating with parents, this is not speculation. It is facts I have experienced. Only ever had communication about three times in three years. I wouldn’t recommend Broughton to anyone. They don’t involve parents in anything, unless they need help or money.

  2. phantasm4 says :

    Why would I like on Facebook?
    See this is this schools problem. Thinking that using all avenues of social media is somehow keeping parents updated. Assuming everyone is on Facebook. Remember old communications? Talking to parents face to face? Remember that? Remember letters?

    • Broughton High School, Edinburgh, Parent Council says :

      As a Parent Council, we use social media as well as our website and emails, to try to give people as many ways as possible to keep in touch. The school use texts and emails to contact parents directly, but with nearly 1200 pupils, the cost of sending everything by letter would be prohibitive. For parents who do use Facebook or Twitter, social media is a great way to find out about what’s happening in school, but it would never be the first way to contact parents.

      Like most high schools, Broughton have one parents’ evening per year for each year group. The logistics of parent-teacher meetings are completely different from primary, with one main class teacher, to high school with all the subject teachers. If you need to get in touch with any of your child’s teachers during the year, the first port of call is to contact their guidance teacher, by phoning or emailing the school. Reports are also sent out two or three times a year. Obviously during Covid, nothing is running completely as normal.

      I don’t know if you came along to the PC meeting last night but if not you are very welcome to attend the next one on 12th November.

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