200 Club draws to Christmas 2020

The 200 Club draws have been delayed due to various lockdown pressures, but last week all outstanding draws were completed. Enjoy spending your winnings!

The 200 Club is a charity lottery benefitting the Broughton High School Association, who fund bids from the school to cover a wide range of equipment and activities. It’s easy to join the 200 Club – a minimum payment of £5 per month enters you into the draw and gives you the chance to win prizes all year round!

Obviously the Broughton High School Association’s fundraising has been severely impacted this year, and the 200 Club is one way to keep funds rolling in. In 2019/20 a total of £1400 was raised.

For more information or to join the 200 Club contact Colin Gilbert at: 200Club@broughtonhighpc.org or simply complete this online form: https://goo.gl/forms/IjCLYZj3nAw4ojAm2

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