Home baking request! Broughton Association at Dean Gardens on Doors Open Day, Sunday 25th September.

The Broughton Association is the Parent Council’s fundraising team, and we are delighted to be running our first event since 2020! We will be selling refreshments at the Dean Gardens’ event for Doors Open Day on Sunday 25th September. https://www.doorsopendays.org.uk/places/edinburgh/dean-gardens/

We are looking for donations of home baking – can you help? If you are able to donate some delicious treats, please email Lesley at: bhsassociation@gmail.com for details of drop off etc.

Do come along and say hi if you are able to visit the gardens. The event is from 9a.m.- 5p.m. and we are planning to run the stall from 10-2.30p.m., or while stocks last!

All our proceeds go towards resources and activities which might not otherwise be covered by the school’s budget. https://broughtonhighpc.org/broughton-high-school-association/

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