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Calling all host families …


We have another young person coming to us for a year in the Music School who needs a host family in Edinburgh:  a delightful young chap from Germany named Theo.  He is 16 years old, plays the trumpet and piano, and likes football, tennis, reading, and drawing.  Click here to see his letter and pictures.

Would you like to host Theo for the year?  Get in touch and say hello!

Scottish Education Awards: open nominations

scottish education awards 2014

Broughton High School is lucky to be able to celebrate many successes — whether academic or in the fields of sport, music or show business — as has been reported on this website.

Here is an opportunity to share the love: nominations for the Scottish Education Awards are open to 21 February. Any parent or pupil can nominate a school, a department, a teacher, or indeed a parent, a parent council, or a particularly active partner organisation.

Even just one or two nominations would be an excellent way to gain Scotland-wide recognition for our school. Won’t you click on this link to send one in?

Volunteers needed

project trust

Ella Duffy, 6th year, is fundraising for a charity called Project Trust, with whom she will be volunteering in her gap year in Guyana. She needs volunteer supervisors for an event she is organizing for 13 December (Friday). This is a Christmas ‘Jingle Ball’, with live music from a few bands from within and outside school, and tickets will be sold to S4-S6 students from Broughton and other schools. She is required to have a 1:10 adult-to-young-person ratio. She currently has 15 teachers to help; she anticipates needing 15 more adult volunteers.

Would you would be willing to supervise from the balcony in the Hub, from 6:15pm (the event starts at 6:30) until 9:30pm? Please drop us an ‘intouch’ e-mail if you can, and we’ll let Ella know she has more help.

Science Success at STEM Faraday Challenge Day


We are delighted to report that the six pupils who participated in the Faraday Challenge at Trinity Academy this week have won the trophy on behalf of our school.

The Faraday Challenge Days are cross-curricular activity sessions sponsored by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, pursuant to the national initiative to prepare young people for ‘STEM’ careers, which is to say, jobs in Science, Design and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These are held at schools and colleges around the UK and have proved to be enormously popular.

Our science heroes are Robbie Ashdown-Adams (1A3), Neela Hossain (1R1), Lily Intihar (1R3), Jasmine Millington (1R3), John Swanson (1N2), and Alan Widurski (1R2). Please congratulate them (and indeed Fiona Borth who accompanied the students) if you see them!

it’s the countdown to Septemberfest!

septemberfest 2013 poster

Remember, it’s Saturday the 21st, from 11:00 to 4:00, at the school, and admission is FREE! There’s lots of things to do and see, and there are many ways to get involved and help, too. If you’d like to be a part, let us know, at!

Broughton High School Partnership Group — Showcase Event, Wed. 5 June


The Broughton High School Partnership Group invites you to a showcase event, on Wednesday, 5 June, 2-3 p.m. The purpose of this event is to show how pupils benefit from the many business and support partnerships that are currently underway. We want to highlight how positive these have been for our young people and our community. And we want to grow with it, reaching out more and more to area businesses and our youth. Please come see us!

(Picture: ‘Daydreaming’, Ailsa McEwan S6)

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