Lastest issue of ‘Teen Titles’ now in the Library

The latest issue of ‘Teen Titles’ has just arrived in the Library. As ever, it is full of reviews of the latest books for teenagers, and all the reviews are the honest and unedited opinions of teenagers.

This issue features Calum Munro, Connor Bennet and Alex Marshall’s interview of Don Calame, author of ‘Swim The Fly’.

The following Broughton pupils had their reviews published in this issue, and if they haven’t already done so, they should pop into the Library to grab their free reviewer’s copy: Connor Bennett, Megan Black, Lukasz Bojarski, Amelia Brown, Louise Clyne, Ella Duffy, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Aillidh Gladstone-Wallace, Jasmine Hill, Alicja Janksowska, Harriet Johnston, Dorka Kaare, Sarah Malcolm, Alex Marshall, Amy Milner, Calum Munro, Emily Pickup, Georgia Forsyth Sijpestijn, Magnus Westwell.

If your young reviewer would like to feature in the next issue, please let them know that they should ask Miss Paton the Librarian for more information.

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