Sounds Like Saturday (YMI) cafe — volunteers needed

As part of trying to advertise Broughton High School to the wider community and the potential new pupils from primary schools, the Parent Council run a cafe on Saturday mornings for the City of Edinburgh Council’s ‘Sounds like Saturday’ music classes (formally known as the ‘YMI’).

We are short of cafe volunteers, and are asking if anyone is available to help.

It would take 1 hour of your time, once or twice a month, on a rota.

What are the benefits? It has been proved that this initiative has attracted extra pupils into the school, which means that the school has increased the numbers of pupils attending in a time of falling secondary school rolls and is ultimately able to offer more subjects at higher level.

Can you spare 1 hour on a Saturday morning to help out? If you can, please let Hugh Duffy know, and he’ll be right in touch. His e-mail address is ‘’.

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