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WANTED; Broughton High School Teacher to help get school newspaper ready for Septemberfest 2016

Attention, Broughton teachers! We need someone willing to be the contact point for the Parent Council’s annual newspaper project.

At the moment, we’re trying to find a parent volunteer who will do the actual layout and editing, mostly of material collected from the School and PC blogs from last year.

Alternatively, instead of involving a parent volunteer, could this not be a super senior pupil portfolio project? Maybe you have a sixth-year team who could put this together!  It would teach them InDesign and Scribus template software – no bad thing for entering the work world.

We’re ready to brief you on what needs to be done. Please help make our newspaper happen!

WANTED: Parent with marketing design skills and a bit of time Aug – Oct

We have a short project. We need to get content for our annual school newspaper pulled from last year’s school and Parent Council blogs and laid out with images, ready to go to print by 5 September.

It’s not an onerous job, but you’d need a little experience with InDesign or Scribus templates, and you may need to communication a little with school management.

Let us know right away if you think you can help, at

Septemberfest 2016!

septemberfest logo

It’s here again, Septemberfest at Broughton High School, Saturday 24th September, from 11am to 4pm!

This year it’s a Brazilian theme, with Samba music and dance, and Olympic sports tasters to complement all the old favourite attractions. Septemberfest brings the community together for a positive fun day for all ages. There is no admission fee, and many of the activities are free.

Planning has already started, and we’re taking bookings for the Craft Fair. If you would like a stall — or if you just want to help out — e-mail us at  Stalls cost £20 for businesses and £10 for charities and non-profits.

And don’t forget to visit our Septemberfest Facebook page!

Septemberfest wine & cheese — date correction

That post yesterday, about slideshow and chatter, should have read from 2nd DECEMBER, not November, at 7-8pm in the Broughton High School seminar room.

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